image descriptionIvan is a true explorer and his greatest talent lies in doing whatever it takes to give his students the help they need. He not only grasps the information but he is adept at conveying the message in a very simple manner. I would recommend him to anyone...from beginner to tour player.    

David Wedzik
Worldwide Director of Instruction.
Medicus Golf Author, PureStrike, The 5 Simple Keys Owner, Golf Evolution

image descriptionOne coach who has impressed me enormously this year, is Russian Coach, Ivan Lipko. Ivan has a strong belief in self-development and It has been a pleasure to coach him. His sincerity, intuition and drive are reflected in the results he has achieved and the high regard in which he is held. I can personally, and with pleasure, highly recommend him to anyone willing to improve his or her mental game performance before, during, in between and after the game of golf - he is a true Mind Factor disciple.


Karl Morris
The Mind Factor Founder

image descriptionI have known Ivan Lipko for several years now and have had the pleasure of working with him, and watching his work with students.

Ivan has the innate ability to quickly diagnose the players weakness, prioritize the order for the "fix" and get long lasting results that improve the players game.

He also possesses a "bottomless well" to continually improve his learning, and therefore sharing with his players pinpoint information that can improve them quickly! I would highly recommend Ivan to any player that is serious about their game!


Chuck Evans
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. Golf Digest Top Teacher in America

image descriptionIvan has a great knowledge about game of golf and swing techniques. He helped me better understand my game without making dramatic changes to my swing. I feel comfortable working with him and knowing he wouldn’t ruin my game and will only make changes that will help me control the ball better.


Ulas Karatas
mini-tour player

image descriptionЗа два года занятий с Иваном я улучшил свой гандикап с 14 до 4. При этом все изменения носили эволюционный характер. Свинг, поставленный Иваном, ощущается абсолютно естественным и комфортным.


Андрей Пелевин
бронзовый призер Всероссийских соревнований
среди любителей среднего возраста

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